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Here are some images from The Pines building:




The Pines building is linked to Drummond School, they share a car park. As you look at the buildings, The Pines is on the left hand side.

Outside The Pines, showing the car park:






The entrance to The Pines building. There are two sets of doors, the first set will open automatically. The second set will open when the 
Pines Receptionist sees you waiting:







Pines Reception, just inside the double doors. You will be asked to write your name in the book together with the name of the person you have a meeting with, or the course you are attending. If you have come by car you need to write down your car registration number too. Reception staff will help you.







This is the view straight ahead from Reception. Either side of the green wall
the doors are for Gents and Ladies disabled toilets. Other toilets are also available in the building:


Looking Right from the Pines Reception, as you come into the building.
This long corridor leads to rooms such as the Waiting/Play Room and the Assessment Room:







The view back along the corridor to Pines Reception:


The Waiting Room which is also a Play Room:







The Chill-Out Room:







The Pines Library:







The Lifeskills Kitchen:







The Water-Cooler. Two water-coolers are available in The Pines building:








The doors on the left lead to the Assessment Room and Clinic Room:







Doors to the Assessment Room and Clinic Room:







The corridor leading to the Assessment Room and Clinic Room:







Inside the Assessment Room:







Inside the Clinic Room:


Inside the Therapy Room:


Inside the Case Conference Room:


Inside the Ladies Toilet (not the separate disabled toilet):


Inside the Gents Toilet (not the separate disabled toilet):








The Pines
Drummond Road,

01463 720 030