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Social Stories, Social Information & Activities and Visuals & Sequences

This page will be updated as and when new information and documentation becomes available, please keep checking!

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Resources to Support Children in School



Here you will find a combination of Social Stories, Visual Strips, Activity Sheets and Information Booklets for returning to school.




Back to School Parent/Carers Toolkit  https://toolkit.mindroom.org/parentstoolkit/


Communication Friendly Environments 



New Poster Covid Update September 2020.pdf


School Closure Toolkit




COVID-19 Related Stories for Schools


Getting_My_Temperature_Taken.pdf               Masks_and_Face_Shields_Oh_My!.pdf



Debby Elly: Background Anxiety and Three Methods to Reduce It

This video on background anxiety is well worth a watch, great ideas about giving control to the child for example.



Simple Guide for ASN Kids Returning to School

Simple_Guide_for_ASN_Kids_Returning_to_ School.pptx



NAIT_Returning_to_School_Key_Messages_ Poster.pdf

















Updated 21.01.21






 Covid Update September 2020.pdf

 doing-my-school-work-online-at-home-for-elearning-days (1).pdf




 NAIT_Returning_to_School_Key_Messages_ Poster.pdf



 Physical_Activity_for_5_to_18 Year Olds.jpg


 Preparing_Your_Child_for_Returning_to_ School.pdf



  School-is-different (1).pdf

 Simple_Guide_for_ASN_Kids_Returning_to_ School.pptx




During_Covid Isolation.pdf

 The Mouth.pdf



 Transition_Guidance_Return_to_Highland_ Schools.pdf






Social Stories


Social Stories were created by Carol Gray. 

The goal of a social story is to share accurate information clearly and safely.  It focuses on the underlying causes of frustration or misinformation that children feel due to them understanding the world in a different way to us.

It should identify the cause of the misunderstanding and give information to the child in a much simpler and more visual way. The goal of a social story is NOT to change the child’s behaviour. It is to help the child understand the situation better and this often then leads to an improvement in behaviour.

The stories you will find on this page have been written to explain Co-vid 19 and how the virus has caused all our lives to change quite dramatically.

Depending on your child’s level of understanding you might be able to use them as they are, or you may need to adapt them slightly to use words that are simpler or familiar to your child. This is fine. 

You can also personalise them by adding additional text or characters that your child likes - we would NOT advise that you make the story significantly longer though as this may get confusing.

For more information, and how to present the story to your child, we would encourage you to watch The Social Stories film on our website or clicking the link


and the Youtube clip by Carol Gray herself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjlIYYbVIrI


If you need help to rewrite/adapt a story or indeed tackle a topic not listed here please contact:

Shona MacPherson or Rachael Geddes at  the.pines@highland.gov.uk


New Social Stories Added 21.01.21

I Miss My Friends.pdf






Updated 21.01.21







 Going Back to School.docx


  I Miss My Friends.pdf






 School is Opening - Version 1.docx

 School is Opening - Version 2.docx

 School is Opening - Version 3.docx



  visiting _Granny_and_Grandpa.png


 Washing_our_hands_during_Covid_19_ No_1.pdf

 Washing_our_hands_during_Covid_19_ No_2.pdf





Social Information & Activities



There is a varied selection of fun videos, information about Coronavirus in various formats and activities to occupy different age groups here. 

These include things such as: 

  • An interactive PowerPoint shopping list  

  • Short Makaton films that are Covid related suitable for teenagers with a learning Disability   

  • Suggested activities to keep all ages of children occupied  

  • Easy read leaflets from the Prime Minister and the NHS 

  • Information about school closures  


There are also some useful websites for you to browse. 


Communication for All:  Interactive Shopping List

Communication for All: Instructions

Covid-19 Information with Makaton  11 Short Videos - Various Topics

A Book for Children Coronavirus

Wearing Masks Autism & Fear - Wearing Masks

New - For more on support for return to school:this video is useful 


Return to school - OK not OK - Guidance and Visuals


OK not OK Board



Autism Alert Cards - Scotland - Having one of these cards will give an exemption from using a face covering.  Pdf version also available in document section to the right.  My Child is Autistic and This Person is Autistic cards available.



Google Live Transcribe - Communicating with hard of hearing patients while wearing a face mask. A paramedic has found an innovative way to communicate with hard of hearing patients while wearing a face mask. For Android Phones only.



Fife CAMHS have some brillliant resources.  Well worth a look.     




Chiltern Way Academy – Guidance and Visual Supports for Corona Virus

UNC FPG Child Development Institute Autism Team – Supporting Individuals with Autism through   Uncertain Times



Level 4 from NLC Communication Friendly Evironments - PDF version click on link on right


Tools for Teachers - Covid 19 Edition

Tools-for-Teachers-Covid-19-Edition AET.pdf






Updated 03.02.21






Age_5-10_ Activities_to_keep_them_occupied.docx



 Covid19_school_closure _SS.pdf

 Covid_19_Time_Capsule_by_LONG_ Creations.pdf

 Keeping-your_teenagers_ occupied_during_self_solation.docx


 NHS111_EasyRead_   Leaflet_WebAcc_2019_FINAL2.pdf


 Level 1.pdf

 Level 4.pdf

 Tools-for-Teachers-Covid-19-Edition AET.pdf






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